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Sales Solution Consultant


Job Type


About the Role

A Sales Consultant, or Sales Representative, is responsible for speaking with clients and potential customers to help them learn about the company, solutions offerings, products and services. Their duties include meeting with clients, explaining how the company’s products or services function and providing training for the product or service..


A successful Sales Consultant should be able to deliver certain duties and responsibilities aimed at making your business profitable. Their main role involves promoting a product in the market using strategies that maximize sales. The following are more duties and responsibilities to include in your sales consultant job description:

  • Conduct presentations to demonstrate to potential clients the benefits of our products.

  • Establish and maintain healthy, long-term relationship with clients to generate repeat business and referrals.

  • Discover customers’ needs and offer solutions to them through the company’s services or products.

  • Research sales statistics and establish sales potential with new businesses in our target area.

  • Use promotional methods such as phone calls, emails and social media to reach potential clients and build a long-lasting business relationship with them.

  • Become an expert in our product offerings and serve as a go-to source for clients who want more information concerning our products.

  • Assemble product displays in a given market.

  • Determine new ways to make products appealing by observing the environment and current trends.

About the Company

Graves Intelligence is a consulting organization offering our clients' solutions in Salesforce, Data Engineering, Integrations, Jitterbit, SQL, .net, Cloud Infrastructures and much more!

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